“A Day in the Life”

May the Sunflower
3 min readFeb 9, 2018


1 AM watching a man’s body and it jerks

hoook and ONCE a POISON and RIGHT in the

LEG wondering the hands In Front Of


telling me this is an Openable

door and depleting the P*A*I*N in my

eyes for a sense of DANGER and


of the light and looking for 30 gold so I

can AFford this flaming arrow that melts


so that I join rats and bats

and men last


in ditched and dirty holes for 4–5 five d days f feel s sick with a poison

right in the leg and aching hand that

has an eye in the middle 4:50 and the eye looks at 4:55


and it is 4:58

my eye hurts

4:59 PM — Erin yells, “I’m slipping!”

17:00 — Wake up

17:15 — Put out all the candles and burn a poster of self

17:30 — Look at collection of unique loot

18:00 — Get a matchbox delivered by bird telling me to go down to the docks

18:05 — Grab some arrows out of a chest

18:10 — Climb down the Clock Tower

18:15 — Steal 2 cups from a neighbor

18:30 — Listen to gossip wafting from the windows

19:00 — Meet Basso at the docks

19:15 — Get a job stealing a talking skull for the carnival

19:30 — Enter the mayor’s house

20:00 — Argue with the mayor about virtue

21:30 — Run away from guards through the mayor’s burning house

22:00 — Find an underground city buried beneath the rubble of the mayor’s house

22:30 — Sneak quietly past a city of zombies

23:00 — Find an old book

23:15 — Solve the ancient rune riddle

23:30 — Climb a bunch of ropes

23:59 — Pick a flower

00:00 — Remember Erin

00:05 — Get shot at by arch-rival cop

00:10 — Run away from guards through the underground city

01:00 — Shake the guards and head to the Black Market

01:30 — Follow a drunk man back to his gang’s hideout

02:00 — Infiltrate a gang hideout and find a skull that can tell the future

02:15 — Head to the docks

02:30 — Show Basso the book and talk about the book

02:45 — Figure out next phase of the plan

03:00 — Give skull to carnival man for payment

03:30 — Steal from a few apartments nearby

05:00 — Go back to the clock tower

05:30 — Nurse wounds and check arrow supply

06:15 — Look at plaques from landmarks all around the city

06:30 — Light all the candles

07:00 — Get into bed

07:30 — Lie there trying not to think about anything

08:00 — Thinking about Erin again. She’s not dead, at least that’s what she told me. My damn eye. Rub and I think “Why doesn’t something just swoop down

And grab me and I could finally be higher than even the rooftops

then finally maybe I could see what I look like from far

away and know if the hood works well but

there’s a creak and I’m shaken

and jolt in bed


from dusty vent

into a wide open room

an inventor’s house he has three guards

and I wish I could slip in the cracks in the banister

whispering trickling wondering if the hands In Front Of Me will do

something whisked windowed and scared I confront her in alleyway mouse

and mouse catcher she sneers and I’m thrown and land

next to a puddle all muddied I ask her

asking, “Erin, where are you?”