How to Write a Poem

May the Sunflower
1 min readJun 12, 2019


Well ya gotta start with an idea

That’s paramount

Or tantamount

Whichever means what I mean and what I’m saying is

Ya gotta start with an idea

Too many poems these days to me were clearly started without an idea

Big no-no

Because poetry is the art of ideas

Not like painting

In painting you can just do whatever the hell you want

No, poems are about ideas

That’s why they’re so short but also so hard to read

Are tweets poems?

Great question I get that one a lot the answer is yes and no.

Are poems fun?

Good question. Anyone who didn’t hear them they said, “are poems fun?” And to that I’d have to say yes and no. Last question.

What is poetry?

Hmm. Yes and no. Ideas! Thank you.