Thief (2014): Where to Begin

May the Sunflower
4 min readAug 19, 2021


Thief is an obscure video game that came out in 2014, was critically panned and commercially lackluster, and hasn’t been talked about much since. Well, I’ve been talking about it. I’ve been talking about it this whole time. I’ve been writing here for over three years now about it.

I understand this Thief project can be daunting, in both its scope and its bizarre topic. That’s why I’ve created a list of pieces of writing that I think exemplify, explain, and explore the idea behind this project. Reading these pieces will give you a good overview of what I’ve used this project to do, and will let you know if you’re interested in reading any of the other pieces. Please enjoy!

Thief (2014): A New Beginning

In which I introduce the project and set the stakes. Pretty important to even standing a chance understanding anything to follow.

“A Day in the Life”

In which I break down time in the (Day? Night?) of a thief.


In which my mind wanders on my nightly filch.

Reload Save

In which I attempt to rejoin a story already in progress. It can be so hard to remember what I was thinking.

It’s The End Of The World And I Feel Fine

In which I gallop on rooftops.

A Day in the Life of a Guard

In which a guard speaks to himself about his life.

Up high no one can see me…

In which I lament that no one looks up these days.


In which I hallucinate.


In which my hunger compels me.

The Wrench

In which I examine a frustration I have with the wrench mechanic in the game, and what it can teach me.


In which I argue both for and against argumentation.

Found on the Side of a Bar

In which I’m struck by the speed of months.

Eye Contact

In which I address the loneliness of Garrett.

Another Unsolved Case

In which we see the aftermath of a burglary.

Developer Update #1

In which I rally my energy and set off ahead.

I’m Getting Away With Something

In which I complain about how much I enjoy this stupid game.

Developer Update #2

In which I find myself Thiefless.

Jupiter Ascending

In which I explore my love for works of grand failure.

The Man Who Gives You Wire

In which we meet a man with a tool and a grudge.

First of the Month

In which I question Garrett’s motives.

Blue on Blue

In which I reset my objectives.

How to Write a Poem

In which I share some helpful advice to any young writers out there.

Developer Update #3: What Do Games Have To Teach Us About Me?

In which I expand the scope of the project, and commemorate my growth.

Capuchin Pilferer

In which we meet a little scamp.

Prey (2017)

In which we enter Lorenzo Calvino’s office.


In which I miss a milestone, in more ways than one I’m afraid.

A Prayer for a Lockpick

In which Garrett displays a moment of superstition.

Document: Caged Birds

In which a Lieutenant billows.

Ector’s Emporium

In which a new (Ally? Threat?) is discovered.

Tone, Corrections, and The Gloom

In which I interrogate my means, if not my meaning.

Elias Baxter

In which we meet a young boy of no importance.

The Crippled Burrick

In which this boy meets a man of no repute.


In which I learn a new way to write.

Starting Over

In which I ramble about my desire to start over.

Alien: Isolation

In which I share my time alone with you, the reader.

What I Like About Lists

In which I list.


In which I stretch and yawn and dream of greatness.

5 AM

In which we all cannot sleep.


In which … well, I guess I’m just not sure.

Developer Update #4

In which I start over.

Day By Day

In which I find myself untethered from the linear passage of time.

Signs of the Sojourner

In which I remember a complicated experience shared with my mother.


In which I negotiate what I will leave behind.

Projection Into the Looking Glass

In which I talk a lot more about myself than I meant to.

The City is Built on the Previous City

In which a rope falls past all of history.